May you be blessed in the city, and blessed in the country! (Deuteronomy 28:3)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Holiday in Hong Kong

The last time I was in this airport was a little over six years ago, with family and fellow members of our Catholic community for a mission-oriented activity. This time was different. I was with my husband to attend a couples’ weekend activity together with about 50 other married couples from the Elim Couples Ministry from all over the Philippines. It was great to be in Hong Kong again, and I was excited about how God would speak to us and bless us during our short trip there.

Months before the event, my husband and I would regularly pray for this trip, most especially for provisions — registration fee, air fare, board and lodging, pocket money. And He provided for everything! Not in the same way that He provided for us during our Singapore trip (read about that here), but He provided just the same.

We left early Friday morning for Clark International Airport, as our flight to Hong Kong was at 7 am. (Thank You, Lord, for budget flights!) It was raining hard that morning, which was weird, since the previous days had been sunny. So I just kept on praying for a turbulence-free flight (I do not like turbulence). And guess what? We had such a smooth flight! I always love being above the clouds and looking at that sea of fluffiness. It never fails to draw me into worshiping the Lord of creation.

Arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport got me all excited, as we used to travel often to this place (while growing up, for vacation; and as a young adult, for both ministry and vacation…oh yeah, I almost was born here as my family lived here for several years — but that part of my life I don’t remember). I was excited to be with my hubby and for all that God had in store! (OK, I mentioned that already in the first paragraph.)

From the airport, we took the A21 bus (HK$33/person) that stopped right in front of our hotel — Metropark Hotel Mongkok. This was the first time we would be staying in this hotel (we got good rates via one of those online hotel booking sites; and my sister-in-law already stayed here a few times). Prior to our trip, we already researched for reviews, and the common comments were: 1) The bed was hard. 2) Great location, with the MTR station just across the street.

Good thing my Spirit-filled husband, while we were still in the waiting area of Clark airport, was inspired to pray: “That we may not complain during this trip, but only be grateful,” or something to that effect. That stuck. So when we entered the room and saw the cozy-looking bed, labeled “hard” by so many (I mean, how hard could a bed be? I tend towards the not-so-soft mattresses, anyway…maybe it’s the type I like), I sat on it. And…it…was…hard indeed! But grateful heart in tow, thank You, Lord! let me try the couch… Ah, yes…soft couch…thank You, Lord! Another thing I was thankful for was that the room provided free Wifi, and yes, the location was super — Prince Edward MTR station was right across the street.

Shot from the Kowloon Public Pier
Even as we arrived, we continued to pray that the Lord would bless our trip with wonderful experiences…and continue to provide us with His blessings. Our pocket money increased (yay!), and we even got the treat of a buffet breakfast in a five-star hotel. Never mind that in this cool, 17-degrees Celsius weather, I got sweaty while brisk walking a long distance to the venue (nothing was going to stop me from enjoying this blessing!).

OK, so the main sessions of our couples’ weekend was fun, insightful and enlightening. We had games, great talks (the Bible has so much to say about marriage!) and lots of food! We were also privileged to attend the Chinese Mass at the parish chapel nearby, where the parish priest asked our group to sing the “Lord, Have Mercy” and “Our Father” parts in Tagalog. It turned out to be a tri-lingual Mass — some parts in Cantonese, some in English and a few parts in Filipino. The priest was warm and welcoming, to say the least.

Our free time in Hong Kong was mostly dedicated to eating and shopping, as our stay there was limited. I told my husband that, due to our budget, if there was any shopping to do, it had to be in the toy store to buy pasalubong (gift from a trip) for our five-year-old son. But God had other plans. He’s the type who likes to make His children happy. We were still able to shop for ourselves (yes, I got to go to IKEA again, just like I did in Singapore), buy a few more items for pasalubong for family and friends, and even ended up with some extra cash when we arrived home.

My happy holiday at Hong Kong is a testament to God’s love, generosity and faithfulness. God strengthened our marriage, as well as our faith in Him. I can only say with the psalmist, “The LORD has done great things for us; Oh, how happy we were!” (Psalm 126:3, NABRE).

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  1. Glad you had a blessed time! I agree about the gratitude effect. I've been reading Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project" and she quotes Mark 4:25 "To he that has, more will be given." The context in this chapter was finding happiness in everything, as opposed to seeing what is unattractive, what is lacking. It's an awesome, all-encompassing cosmic law: When we shift our kinds to see what we have, we experience MORE: more contentment, more of God's miracles, even if what we are living in is the ordinary. Boom! :)

    1. Yo Marts! Yep, totally agree! :) The Bible is right when it says, "Give thanks in all circumstances"!

  2. Very nice entry! I think all couple's that went there experienced God's hands working for them. This is the 3rd week already in the revival gathering, and we had Bro Art, Sis Lyn and Dang sharing about their unique experiences in Hongkong during the exhortation :). God is really great!

  3. Hi Vic, thanks! It's really amazing how God works among His servants!